2011 Clinton Global Citizen Awards

Liberal confab sponsored by corporate fascists, big oil, big banks.
by Tony Cartalucci

The Clinton Global Citizen Awards, held this week in New York City, claims to "recognize extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated visionary leadership in solving pressing global challenges. Through their work, these citizens have proven that diverse sectors of society including philanthropic, public service, corporate, and civic organizations can work together successfully to implement and devise solutions that effect positive, lasting social change."

In reality, it is yet another elaborate display of self-aggrandizing by the same handful of corporate-financier interests emanating from Wall Street and London, attempting to maintain the legitimacy of their "international order." Had the Nazis been less overt in their ambitions, and more patient in selling the world their presumed dominion over the planet, it might have looked something like this.

The corporate sponsors alone should reveal that there is absolutely nothing genuine about the annual meetings' agenda of "working together" to implement "lasting change" beyond merely expanding their collective corporate-fascist interests in spreading their military, financial, and social hegemony over the planet.

These are the same corporate-financier interests that bombard us daily in the media regarding the West's despoiling of Libya, and the continued farce that is the US-contrived "Arab Spring," now fully admitted as being arranged years ahead of time by the US State Department and the networks of disingenuous "democracy and rights" advocates it funds, including the National Endowment for Democracy. They are also the same corporations funding think-tanks like the Brookings Institute which for years have engineered covert wars, promoted terrorism, and extraterritorial meddling across the globe.

Unless we are to believe Chevron, Exxon, Goldman Sachs, Standard Charter, the notorious Rockefeller Foundation, Barclays, the equally dubious Ford Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the literal resurrection of US, UK, and Nazi eugenics) are truly interested in improving the lot of humanity, and not merely advancing their own degenerate self-serving interests, it should be quite obvious the "Global Citizen Awards" this year were a disingenuous display selling Wall Street and London imperialism as a "progressive" globalization.

Attending the charade were senior politicians including Madeleine Albright, US State Department's Ukranian Orange Revolution "hero" Viktor Yushchenko, Wesley Clark who foresaw the current Middle East unrest in 2007 but claimed it was to be a US-backed imperialist gambit, Tony Blair, and Minister of Defense of Israel Ehud Barak. Representing the corporate media, without whom none of these corporate-fascist agendas could move forward, was CNBC, Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington, the Economist, NBC, Newsweek & the Daily Beast, NPR, MTV, YouTube, the Qatari government's Al Jazeera propaganda network, the New York Times, ABC News, and Time Magazine. Many of the major corporate members behind the training of armies of "pro-democracy" youth, years before the "Arab Spring" even began, including Edelman, the Omnicrom Group, and Pepsi were also attending this year's Global Citizen Awards dinner.

Other interesting attendees, defying utterly the meeting's supposed humanitarian agenda, was John Hess of the Hess Corporation, Muhtar Kent of Coca-Cola, Klaus Kleinfeld of Alcoa, Andrew Liveris of the Dow Chemical Company, Robert McCann, CEO of UBS Wealth Management Americas, Bob McDonald, President of Procter & Gamble, Paul Polman of Unilever, co-chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, Robert Rubin, US State Department stooge Mikheil Saakashvili who is the current president of Georgia and presided over his nation's disastrous 2008 confrontation with neighboring Russia, secretary general of George Soros' Amnesty International, Salil Shetty, and Ted Turner, billionaire and notorious proponent of population control.

While this mixture of corporate, financial, media, and political interests may at first seem ungainly, in reality each one plays a pivotal role in keeping modern Wall Street-London imperialism alive, and carefully dressed in the trappings of "progressive globalization." The agenda of the meeting this year included "generating employment for the 21st century" after many of the attendees in the financial sector just finished purposefully and premeditatedly gutting much of the Western world's economies through fraud. Another topic was "sustainable consumption," an ode to the Malthusian ideologies adhered to by many of the attendees including Ted Turner.

Image: Taken from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) website, the header includes a quote from the Economist saying "CGI's annual meeting has become an important part of the global elite's calendar." (click image to enlarge)

Among the "honorees" awarded during the dinner, farcically sits Guler Sabanci, a board member of the globalist International Crisis Group, indicating just how self-aggrandizing this "initiative" is. With the corporations, banks, corporate-media outlets, and political personalities involved, it is more than unlikely anything truly resembling positive social change is being spurred along. In fact it is impossible, worst yet, these corporate-financier interests are actively working against positive social change - positive for we the people, not the maintenance of the global elite's "international order."

Look over the Clinton Global Initiative website, look at the personalities and corporations involved, then search this list of corporate-financier interests veritably burying this world with their greed, war mongering, and megalomaniacal aspirations. Realize everything you see on TV, everything you read on the news and magazine rack, and many of the books you browse through at the bookstore are full of lies sponsored, authored, and ceaselessly promoted by the above individuals. The Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, in the words of the "the Economist," an attending member itself, "has become an important part of the global elite's calender." America, and indeed all free nations and people on earth need not suffer a "global elite" and the imperialist agenda they are selling, no matter how nicely dressed it may be.