Battle for Tripoli & Greater Libya Still On

NATO calls Qaddafi "delusional" even as their "hours, not days" Tripoli operation nears 1 week mark.
by Tony Cartalucci

Racing desperately against both an approaching deadline on their mandate and their departing credibility, NATO is desperately declaring victory in Libya regardless of what the facts on the ground may be. Parading before the public, videos of rebels looting empty compounds and dancing briefly in a square that may or may not have even been in the country, NATO's declaration of victory teeters entirely on the corporate-media's ability to obfuscate what is obviously a citywide battle overturning earlier rebel "gains" in Tripoli.

Photo: While NATO is under no delusions as to how tenuous their ongoing murder spree is in Libya, their psychological warfare and claims of a decisive victory for NATO-backed rebels were shattered when Saif al-Islam reappeared after the ICC "confirmed" he was captured by rebels, and began leading a counterattack that has now drawn out for nearly a week. Despite herculean feats of wishful thinking on the globalists' behalf, the battle for Tripoli and greater Libya is still on.

Voice of America, a US State Department mouthpiece, conceded Wednesday that Qaddafi's troops were holding and contesting multiple locations across the capital of Tripoli and still held entire cities along both Libya's coast and throughout the nation's vast interior. With NATO already declaring victory within the realm of these glaring facts, it appears as if NATO is merely rushing to the next phase of their war of aggression - the occupation, which by necessity will require an initial invasion and the establishment of a "Green-Zone" to protect NATO's rebel proxies.

As the corporate-financier-funded Atlantic Council both "congratulates" NATO and celebrates Obama's ability to lead America "into battle without the hard work of securing authorization from a partisan Congress," we see just how far and how recklessly the globalists have gone in pursuit of global hegemony. They have explicitly declared that Libya is a matter of establishing the primacy of international law over the sovereignty of the nation-state and that failure would balk their plans to proceed on toward Syria, Iran, and beyond to Russia and China's peripheries before ultimately undermining and collapsing Moscow and Beijing. With this much at stake, despite endless promises that "boots on the ground" was a hysterical conspiracy theory, we will undoubtedly see NATO troops landing in Libya and occupying Tripoli. There is no lie too big, nor a transgression against humanity too egregious that can confine the globalists' ambitions now, only direct, concerted opposition to their agenda.

NATO's mandate ends in September and without a victory, real or imagined, Libya will become a tactical and political defeat. If NATO can feign victory long enough, they can circumvent UNSC r.1973's constraints and begin expanding their presence on the ground in Libya which really will forever topple Qaddafi. By exposing the lies of NATO and its corporate-financier backers, by exposing to the world the true agenda and despicable personalities lurking behind this bloodbath, by exposing the truth behind the rebels' real associations, the alternative media has an opportunity to, if not balk the invasion of Libya, at least make it obvious to the world what an overt, monstrous crime against humanity it is. Force the monsters to show their true colors and expose the A-Z lies peddled to the public before they try a repeat performance in Syria and beyond.

While the fates of both Libya and Syria and the destruction of their sovereignty by a growing global empire may not seem important today, each victory for this global corporate-fascist monstrosity gives it increasing strength to impose its will upon you when the time comes, where ever you may live.