France's Alain Juppe on Syria

Globalist degenerates seek UN resolution against Syria.
By Tony Cartalucci

Bangkok, Thailand June 8, 2011 - French Foreign Minister and co-conspiring war criminal Alain Juppe sat in front of the corporate-funded Brookings Institution declaring that Syria's Assad has lost all legitimacy to rule and that France and its "allies" would once again seek to push through a UN resolution against Syria. Ironically, not much could be said about the legitimacy of Juppe while he panders to an unelected corporate-financier oligarchy via a think-tank that creates extra-legal policy he and the treasonous politicians around him rubber stamp, against the will of his own people, on a daily basis.

Alain Juppe, traitor to the French, traitor to free humanity, sits in front of the Brookings Institute parroting verbatim the global elites' month old talking points.

Juppe's comments, along with America's accusations that unrest along Israel's borders is foreign-funded thus justifing Israel's right to "defend itself" (gun down protesters), all while the US openly foments violence and unrest across half the world, signifies the transition from political surrealism to cartoonish absurdity. Indeed, the violence in Syria is entirely the work of US trained, funded, and armed opposition groups who are now acting out, verbatim the doctrines spelled out in the Brookings Institution's "Which Path to Persia?" report. As the violence esculates, it is becoming difficult, just as it did in Libya, to continue portraying the "protesters" as peaceful instead of the foreign-funded militants and traitors they actually are.

The farcical "Arab Spring" has now degenerated into an open war of aggression with the US, UK, and France leading the way, towing behind them an impressive collection of dupes, puppets and traitors from around the world. As they strike at Libya day and night after 2 months of escalating warfare they are attempting to move against Syria and Iran before all of their political legitimacy is squandered and the general public's realization of what is actually transpiring reaches a critical mass. The window is closing in Syria and any attempt to intervene must be done while the world still labors under the delusion that the opposition is peacefully carrying placards, not violently brandishing Kalashnikovs.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe parrots month old Brookings talking-points in front of the corporate-funded think-tank itself.

Now more than ever the gambit of "color revolutions" must be exposed, along with the nefarious networks of NGOs and "civil society" organizations that propel them along. We must also recognize not crass, servile stooges like Alain Juppe, but the corporations who pull his strings on a daily basis and the fact that their existence solely depends on our daily complicity and patronizing. The art of destabilizing, destroying, and despoiling nations was engineered by corporate-funded think-tanks like the Brookings Institution, encapsulated with exactitude in documents like "Which Path to Persia?" It must be stopped by stripping away the power, wealth, and influence of these sponsoring corporations.