Elliott Abrams' Plan For Syria

by Tony Cartalucci

Degenerate globalist co-conspirator Elliott Abrams, has been consistently supporting the recent conflagration throughout the Arab world and is pushing for ever-expanding US meddling in the region. In his recent piece, featured in the Washington Post titled "Ridding Syria of a Despot," he fleshes out what is a fairly predictable plan of action already taking shape against the Bush-era "Axis of Evil" member.

Elliott Abrams is a member of the corporate-financier Council on Foreign Relations, a Project for a New American Century signatory, and former deputy national security adviser to President George W. Bush. He was convicted for his involvement in the Iran-Contra conspiracy and promptly pardoned by George Bush Sr. He would later go on to be implicated for his involvement in the 2002 Venezuela coup attempt against Hugo Chavez. His history of betraying and disgracing his country, and getting away with it, is probably why he feels perfectly comfortable making broad, sweeping threats toward entire nations today.

Elliott Abrams recently issued a personal threat to Libya's Qadaffi and his intelligence chief, stating that they would both meet the "same fate as Saddam Hussein" if any American is attacked in the wake of increasing US threats and actions against Libya. He also had weighed in on Egypt in his piece "Less 'Engagement,' More Democracy" in the New York Times. In this piece he criticizes the current policy of engaging as equals with nations he deems as repressive regimes and calls for a revisit to George Bush's "freedom agenda." In other words - the export of "democracy" that has brought America the trillion dollar military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya at the cost of thousands of US soldiers' lives and the lives of millions of foreigners killed, maimed, or displaced.

It should be no surprise then that Abrams, who has never shouldered a rifle for his nation himself, is more than eager to move on to Syria with a myriad of aggressive attacks on its sovereignty prepared and ready in hand.

Abrams calls on the White House and Congress to condemn Syria, in particular the Assad government. He suggests that Syria be immediately brought before the UN Security Council, who just recently finished extra-legally ordaining the war with Libya. The Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court are also mentioned as possible avenues to pressure Assad and the Syrian government.

Regarding the newly US-reordered Tunisia and Egypt, Abrams suggests they convene the Arab League and expell Syria as a member, as he claims they just did to Libya. Abrams' suggestion echos fellow globalist policy wonk Kenneth Pollack's proposal in his Brookings Institutes report, "Bifurcating the Middle East." Bifurcate, meaning to "divide," indicates the classic gambit of divide and conquer is in play. Pollack, like Abrams, suggests that the "Arab street" after being "reformed" be rallied against states like Libya, Syria, and of course, Iran.

Abrams also suggests that Europe begin acting against Syria. Nicolas Sarkozy of France seems to have gotten the memo and is already making lofty threats toward Syria, including threats of military action, citing the ongoing atrocity in Libya as a stern warning for other Arab nations to consider. Sanctions are also being pushed by Abrams, but to what extent the Europeans are willing to carry them out remains to be seen.

Finally, Abrams suggests that the US pull its ambassador from Syria, reiterating his belief that it was a mistake in the first place to show this token sign of mutual respect for the sovereign nation. He concludes with a breathtakingly absurd display of patriotism and propaganda by stating, "Our principles alone should lead us to this position, but the memory of thousands of American soldiers killed in Iraq with the help of the Assad regime demands that we do all we can to help the Syrian people free themselves of that evil dictatorship." And help the US is, with the entire opposition being funded, defended, supported, and even partially based out of the United States and England.

Strange that Abrams has implicated Assad as complicit in killing US troops in Iraq, when Abrams himself and his "Neo-Con" cabal have hands-down done more to send US troops off to their needless deaths with their willful lying regarding WMD's, than any Arab with a Kalashnikov. Also interesting, considering his statement, is Abrams' support for the armed campaign in Libya, where the US is currently providing air support and arms for Al Qaeda linked rebels who themselves have sent fighters to Iraq to kill American troops, on record.

Of course, Abrams is writing for the impressionable readership of the Washington Post, so this blinding hypocrisy is most likely fodder strictly for the public's consumption. However, sweeping aside the propaganda, we see a very real strategy already beginning to play out in regards to Syria. Let us remember that this is already a plan in motion, and recognize the surprise displayed by our feckless "leadership" as the poorly-feigned act that it is.