Cass Sunstein's Plan to Prove the Government Isn't Lying: Lie

By Tony Cartalucci

From Cass Sunstein's "Conspiracy Theories" examining why the world thinks 9/11 is an inside job, generally distrusts the United States government, and how he thinks deception, infiltration, and flat out lying is a possible solution:

"In one variant, government agents would openly proclaim, or at least make no
effort to conceal, their institutional affiliations. A recent newspaper story recounts that
Arabic-speaking Muslim officials from the State Department have participated in
dialogues at radical Islamist chat rooms and websites in order to ventilate arguments not
usually heard among the groups that cluster around those sites, with some success.

another variant, government officials would participate anonymously or even with false
identities. Each approach has distinct costs and benefits; the second is riskier but
potentially brings higher returns. In the former case, where government officials
participate openly as such, hard-core members of the relevant networks, communities and
conspiracy-minded organizations may entirely discount what the officials say, right from
the beginning. The risk with tactics of anonymous participation, conversely, is that if the
tactic becomes known, any true member of the relevant groups who raises doubts may be
suspected of government connections. Despite these difficulties, the two forms of
cognitive infiltration offer different risk-reward mixes and are both potentially useful

Also within Sunstein's report is the brazen suggestion that independent "experts" be used as proxies as to obfuscate the government's role in disseminating information.

"Government can partially circumvent these problems if it enlists nongovernmental
officials in the effort to rebut the theories. It might ensure that credible independent
experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a
tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that
government cannot be seen to control the independent experts. Although government can
supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action
from behind the scenes, too close a connection will prove self-defeating if it is exposed --
as witness the humiliating disclosures showing that apparently independent opinions on scientific and regulatory questions were in fact paid for by think-tanks with ties to the Bush administration. Even apart from this tradeoff, conspiracy theorists may still fold
independent third-party rebuttals into their theory by making conspiratorial claims of
connection between the third party and the government."

The very act of enlisting nongovernmental officials, supplying them with information, and to then "prod them into action from behind the scenes," entirely negates their independent, impartial nature. And somehow, after all of this, the final result is supposed to be a public that once again trusts the government.

This isn't the first time the globalists have tried to white wash their conduct with buckets full of muck. The United States Air Force also was revealed by Wired magazine to be conducting their own "counter-blogging" program. Its aims slightly more general in nature, the program encourages Airman to actively monitor, correct or concur with comments on various blogs.

Be aware that there are infiltrators monitoring, manipulating, and possibly trying to entrap you online in forums, in comment sections, and in chat rooms. Please remember also that Cass Sunstein talks about "real world" infiltrators. Be aware that infiltrators are also manipulating, monitoring, inciting, and entrapping people at demonstrations, gatherings, and townhall meetings.

Police infiltrators posing as protesters to incite violence.

Expose this tactic and remove it from the globalists' arsenal. If everyone knows what these infiltrators look like, their activities will ultimately become "self-defeating" as even Sunstein fully acknowledges in his sophomoric grappling with the monumental corner his globalist paymasters have painted themselves into.