What's Really Behind Assault on Tesla Factory "Safety?"

Fronts representing big-oil and big-auto are spearheading a widening PR campaign targeting electric car manufacturer and alternative energy company Tesla. 

May 26, 2017 (LocalOrg) - Alternative energy company Tesla which includes US-based electric car development and production, battery production, and now also includes residential solar panel and battery systems previously under SolarCity, represents a simultaneous threat to several cornerstones of Western corporate-financier monopolies.

Openly seeking to replace big-oil and big-auto, it was only a matter of time before Tesla's co-founder, CEO, and product architect Elon Musk attracted the negative attention of both of these deeply rooted and corrupt industries.

The genuine enthusiasm for Tesla and its products versus the paid-for media campaign to obstruct or even reverse Tesla's influence on energy and transportation has been a see-sawing battle unfolding just beneath the surface.

More recently, attempts to further complicate Tesla's US-based manufacturing facility in California have been spearheaded by the United Automobile Workers (UAW), an organization that attempts to pass itself off as a labor union.

Part of this campaign has included several "investigations" carried out by both the corporate media and various organizations like Worksafe - an opaque organization claiming to advocate workplace safety - which recently published a report regarding worker safety at Tesla's California factory. The report was widely promoted across the corporate media in what appears to be a concerted attempt to single out and undermine Tesla.

Attempts to ascertain Worksafe's affiliations and funding yielded only an ambiguous disclosure on its website stating:
Worksafe is allied with a advocacy groups, scientists and academic experts, unions and labor activists, diverse working communities, like nail salon technicians and car wash workers, environmentalists, legal aid programs - and you.
That UAW featured Worksafe's report prominently on the front of its website gives us clues to just which "unions" Worksafe is "allied with." It appears to be part of a wider campaign by UAW to create a "union" at Tesla, described in a Bloomberg article titled, "Tesla Workers' Union Push Gets UAW Support at California Plant," which states:
The United Auto Workers has sent organizers to help employees organize Tesla Inc.’s electric-car plant, a move that -- if successful -- would give the union the presence it’s long sought beyond legacy U.S. automakers’ factories. 

A group of Tesla workers have contacted the union to seek assistance organizing, and the UAW is in discussion with them, Dennis Williams, the union’s president, told reporters during a roundtable Thursday in Detroit. He said union organizers have received complaints about long hours and potentially unsafe conditions at Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California. 

UAW is a Wall Street Trojan Horse Disguised as a Labor Rights Advocate 

While UAW poses as a labor union, in reality, UAW is nothing of the sort.

It is an American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) affiliate, with AFL-CIO representing perhaps the most successful Wall Street-devised attempt to date to infiltrate, co-opt, and commandeer legitimate labor unions and movements not only in the United States, but through funding and association with the US State Department's National Endowment for Democracy (NED), all across the entire planet.

A more in-depth example of this can be examined via Democracy Now's 2005 report, "Unholy Alliance? The AFL-CIO and the National Endowment for Democracy in Venezuela," and specific mention of the UAW within NED programs can be found on NED's own webpages for Russia and Asia.

The National Endowment for Democracy represents some of the largest, deepest entrenched corporate financier interests on Earth, including big-oil and big-auto. The conflict of interest - even at face value - should be prominently featured in any and all news regarding UAW's growing  row with Tesla. Yet it is not.

Image: Big-oil and big-auto are both well represented by NED's corporate sponsors and chairpersons. That its affiliates through the AFL-CIO and UAW are applying pressure on up and coming competitor Tesla is precisely why NED and its network of faux rights and labor advocacy fronts were created for. 
The UAW specifically is listed throughout the NED's various international programs as being in direct cooperation with NED in supplanting and dominating foreign labor movements.

Just as NED exploits and abuses human rights advocacy to advance US special interests across the globe, it uses AFL-CIO and faux-unions like UAW to exploit and abuse labor issues to hide its self-serving agenda behind. Key to the success of such schemes is complicity across the corporate media - which goes far in explaining why obvious conflicts of interests regarding UAW and entrenched big-auto corporations are never mentioned in corporate media reports.

Undermining a relatively independent, disruptive company like Tesla by leveraging alleged labor concerns is par for the course regarding AFL-CIO and UAW - and is in fact why fronts like NED, AFL-CIO, and UAW were created for in the first place.

While labor issues are a legitimate concern upon every factory floor on Earth, attempts to address them must be done in a transparent and honest manner via legitimate and independent third parties. The AFL-CIO and UAW attempting to push labor issues regarding Telsa, and even attempts by both to create a "labor union" at Tesla are neither legitimate nor independent.

The UAW - a faux-labor union created by and for the very special interests organized labor is supposed to serve as a check against - would be comparable to Elon Musk creating a labor union at a General Motors or a Ford factory. Wider public awareness of both this current attempt to target Tesla, and the wider corruption, exploitation, and abuse of labor advocacy by AFL-CIO and UAW will help remove this insidious tool from the hands of special interests and place labor advocacy back into the hands of the workers where it belongs.