Syria: Game Over for Western Propaganda

Syrian Activists Caught Lying, Syrian Rebels Caught Committing Atrocities.
by Tony Cartalucci

Update: May 28, 2012 - For the latest propaganda stunt aimed at Syria, this time from the BBC, please read "BBC Deceitfully Posts Images from Iraq in Syria Massacre Report!"

March 6, 2012 - Why should the West intervene in Syria when it turns out "activists" giving daily body counts, the sole source of "evidence" for the UN's ever climbing grand total, are caught not only lying, but staging entire interviews complete with fake gunfire directed "off stage?" Why should the US, UK, EU, or the West's stable of Arab proxy-regimes be allowed to arm Syrian rebels admittedly carrying out their own horrific atrocities? Clearly Syria's opposition have turned out, just as they have in Libya, to be craven, murderous, and ultimately deceitful extremists - making any further contact with them by the West a direct violation of their own national and international laws.

Video: Classic war propaganda - complete with staged-gunfire off camera and the intrepid actor "Danny" relaxed and joking before getting into character to give a hysterical "casualty report" to his co-star, CNN's Anderson Cooper - just one of many he regularly gives to Western media networks.

The omnipresent "Danny" from Syria has been recently exposed in a video showing him relaxed, joking, and preparing off-camera staged-gunfire, before getting into character for a hysterical "casualty report" given to CNN's Anderson Cooper. "Danny" isn't the first fraud caught being used by a duplicitous Western media to sell military intervention in Syria, there was also "Gay Girl in Damascus" who turned out to be a 40 year-old American man based in the UK. It is exactly "activist-based" reports like this, that the UN and corporate media have used shamelessly to advocate Wall Street and London's mandates.

Image: Pictured is "Gay Girl in Damascus." Far from an editorial oversight, "Gay Girl in Damascus" was in reality a 40 year-old American man living in the UK. The Western media shamelessly exploited his narrative until it unraveled, and simply moved on to other actors, like "Danny" who directs fake gunfire off-camera while giving casualty reports to CNN.

It was revealed that the UN Human Rights Commission UNHC report late in 2011, was based entirely on "witness accounts" recorded not in Syria, but rather in Geneva. It was further revealed that the report itself was compiled by a director of a corporate-funded US think-tank representing the collective interests of the very corporations pushing for Syrian "regime change."

Since then, the UNHC has inflated their numbers, and organizations including Soros-funded Human Rights Watch have likewise weighed in with reports based entirely on "witness" and "activist" accounts, with one exception - they also include grainy satellite images implying that every pockmark visible, every crater imaged, was the result of Syrian security forces, excluding the possibility that the admittedly armed "Free Syrian Army" may also share responsibility. Many times these casualty numbers are not even phoned in from Syria, but instead based on "third-hand" reports out of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London.

Despite this, the UN has still admitted that Syrian rebels are likewise committing "abuses" comparable to the "widespread, systematic and gross human rights violations, amounting to crimes against humanity" the UN has accused the Syrian government of, only on a lesser scale. As seen in Libya, the only limiting factor to the scale of rebel atrocities is their ability to move throughout the country with impunity. Just as in Libya, should NATO intervene, the rebels will consolidate their positions and begin systematically advancing on Syrian government positions. The final result will be similar to what was observed in Sirte, Libya, where rebels admittedly cut off food, water, and electricity to the city in an effort to "starve" it out while NATO pounded it from the air.

Image: Homs? What about Sirte? Pictured is Sirte, Libya, after NATO-armed rebels surrounded it, cut off power, water, food, and emergency aid, and allowed NATO to bombard it with daily airstrikes before a final orgy of death and destruction left its streets and facades crumbling. This is the "civilian protection" the UN and its enforcement arm NATO plan on bringing to Syria.

What was left was a cratered, devastated, wasteland, created by NATO munitions, NATO-armed, funded, and trained rebels, media and diplomatic cover by the West, and UN complicity in direct violation of the very laws they are now selectively enforcing against Syria and its operations in Homs. If it is possible for the international community to justify a foreign military doing what was done to Sirte, Libya in a crowed population center with absolute impunity, how can a sovereign nation seeking to restore order in its own city be criticized let alone sanctioned economically or militarily?

The West has lost all moral authority - authority that only billions of dollars in manipulative media and military supremacy can buy - but is easily lost as the facade begins to crumble. How many more Syrian "Danny's" or "Gay Girls in Damascus" are there, staging interviews, fabricating body-counts, and attempting to manipulate the good intentions of millions around the world? How long will the West attempt to convince the world that the Syrian rebels, admittedly armed, admittedly carrying out their own growing list of atrocities, and clearly infiltrated by Al Qaeda terrorists, are worthy of US diplomatic support, funding, training, weapons, and even US airpower?

Most importantly, how long are people going to allow themselves to be lied to, their intelligence insulted, before they decide to speak out, and commit to sanctioning with boycotts the corporations driving this agenda?

There was no widespread killing in Syria before the US State Department, John McCain's International Republican Institute, and the National Endowment for Democracy trained, funded, and directed the unrest back in early 2011. Along every step of the way, instability, chaos and death in Syria has been the result of the West propping up these terrorists and perpetuating the deadly conflict as Syria's government attempts to restore order.

With lies, atrocities, and open acts of war the West seeks to complete their predetermined regime change before turning their deceitful war-machine toward Tehran. But as the facade crumbles, they do so as a naked act of military aggression, as Hitlerian invaders, not hallowed liberators - their crimes, committed before the eyes of an awakening world, will echo through history.